Issue:  Vol. 47 / No. 38 / 21 September 2017

Music - Classic dysfunction on the opera stage

"Elektra" by Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal opened recently as the second presentation in San Francisco Opera's fall season. Like the successful first-night gala "Turandot," the title character is a princess with murder on her mind. But to put it mildly, there is no happy ending, and this one-act tragedy won't get anyone in the mood for an afterparty. (read more)

Film - Gender showdown on the tennis court

The new docudrama "The Battle of the Sexes" flashes back 44 years to 1973. An aging tennis star, Bobby Riggs, more skilled at hustling for money and camera time than winning on the tennis courts, challenged the reigning women's champ Billie Jean King to a showdown match. The much-hyped event played out before a live crowd of 30,000 and a national TV audience estimated at 90 million. (read more)

Out There - Season opens with real panache

Oh arts-loving pumpkins, the fall arts season has definitely begun! Your gay old uncle Out There has been running around to season openers like there's no tomorrow... (read more)

Out & About - Arts events: Sept. 21-28

The curtain rises, the paint dries, the voice warms up, "me may mi mo moo." (read more)

Theatre - Once upon a time in Oakland

Whose story is it anyway? Kheven LaGrone's "The Legend of Pink" spends much of its first act in an I-gotta-be-me story of one character, climaxing in a kind... (read more)

Theatre - Harmonizing along with blue notes

It isn't a pretty story, the kind that can legitimately end on a high note like the musicals about the music and careers... (read more)

Theatre - Funny cigarettes

Lost in the haze of history is the name of the church group that commissioned the notorious anti-weed movie "Reefer Madness. (read more)

Music - Glamorous frisson of opening night

San Francisco Symphony opening night galas are sleek and friendly affairs, marked by chic fashions, lots of complimentary potables and... (read more)

Film - Falling in love with Vincent Van Gogh

It's likely you've never experienced an animated film as extraordinary as "Loving Vincent. (read more)

Film - Escape from the zoo

Great new independent film opening at the Roxie on Friday. (read more)

Film - Change happens

This week a couple of films open in the Bay Area dealing with volatile social change: one in a rural Irish prep school, the other in a New England-based marriage. (read more)

Television - American history revisited

Perhaps the most important historical document you'll see on the tube this season is PBS's "The Vietnam War," by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. (read more)

Television - Quality queer programming

Every once in a great while you watch something so extraordinary that the sheer artistry takes your breath away. (read more)

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