Issue:  Vol. 47 / No. 47 / 23 November 2017

Fine Arts - Rauschenberg rewrites the playbook

SFMOMA closes out 2017 with a bang in one of its best shows of the year. "Robert Rauschenberg: Erasing the Rules," a retrospective enthralling not least for its astonishing variety, covers six decades of the prodigious, free-ranging career of the iconoclastic gay artist whose body of work has been called "the visual equivalent of the great American novel." (read more)

Music - Visionary vibes

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony stuffed Davies Symphony Hall with the big and bountiful Symphony No. 4 (1916/24) of Charles Ives last week. Following recent performances of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Symphony No. 3, "The Camp Meeting," the massive event was also recorded for future release on the Orchestra's SFS Media label. (read more)

Theatre - Back to her roots

A brick thrown from a window nearly ended Carmen Cusack's previous San Francisco appearance as she made her way to the theater... (read more)

Out There - Meeting the Marchesa

Books are the most extraordinary things. (read more)

Books - Offstage love story

It's often been said that one criterion to judge the success of a person's life is by how much love they inspired in others. (read more)

Out & About - Arts events

Whether you prefer bird or Tofurky, your holiday weekend arts events are juicy and cruelty-free. (read more)

Theatre - Chorus girl makes good

If you're going to do one thing really well, and the show you're doing is "42nd Street," it had better be propulsive tap-dance routines. (read more)

Music - Christian rocker, out gay man

In "Hey Jesus," one of the tracks on his solo album "Love Is Love," Trey Pearson sings plaintively to the Lord. (read more)

Film - Swiss Women voting

Having gone through the recent pathetic attempts of USA voters to elect a halfway respectable president, it comes as a shock to see people take voting seriously. (read more)

Film - Military madness

In "Last Flag Flying" director Richard Linklater offers a fractured-fairy-tale sort of sequel to Hal Ashby's 1973 Navy buddy/coming-of-age saga "The Last Detail. (read more)

Film - Great Dickens

In the trailer for his latest screen turn, "The Man Who Invented Christmas," the now-88-year-old Christopher Plummer, the movie's Ebenezer Scrooge, ends his pitch with... (read more)

Music - Apocalypse now

For months I thought it was because of where I lived that the second thing I did in the morning was run to the news sites to see if we were in a nuclear war or the like. (read more)

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